We are well underway through the coldest times of the year and people are noticing. The bomber puffy jackets are big this season and trench coats have come out to sass. Warmed up and all – I am experiencing my very first winter weeks in Cape Town, in comparison to Johannesburg, this is quite pleasant […]

Say yes

We were summoned by memes and quotes on how to learn to say no. Sometimes it’s good to be selfish once in awhile and keep within the comfort of your own world. Sometimes it’s also a good idea to say yes and see what happens. I have always had a bit of a rough time […]

Pack Ups

The beginning or the end. I say, why put a label. At the end of the day – there’s that time frame that doesn’t mean much but reflects a result, there are many ways we can look at this. Some of us are running scared because of how humanity is behaving. Some of us want […]