Pack Ups

The beginning or the end.

I say, why put a label.

At the end of the day – there’s that time frame that doesn’t mean much but reflects a result, there are many ways we can look at this.

Some of us are running scared because of how humanity is behaving.

Some of us want opportunities in our careers, studies, individual growth etc.

Some of us want to start over.

It also comes down to when you buy that brown box and what you fill it with – the anticipated moment of what stays and what goes. The end result of having to decide over things that have made most of your life journey and what it means to keep it or throw it out. I don’t know much about how anyone else looks at it but I know that the stuff I keep reflects how I will live out my life in the next living place.

Questions I ask:

  1. Will I be a bigger hoarder and keep junk I don’t need?
  2. Will I need these 5 bottles of shampoo when I’m clearly moving to a city with scarce water access?
  3. Will I need stuff to remind me of where I come from?

So many questions when relocating. Something as simple as relocating locally is a big step – the holiday effect will last about a few weeks until one realises that they’re staying put. Using this as a mental preparation helps a little but not a lot – makes no sense whatsoever but let’s roll with it for now. The satisfaction of starting new is something I have to wrap my head around; stuff that I cannot simply ask someone else because experiences change a person.

When one decides something like this, having gone over pros and cons about the whole thing – what else makes it a final yes? I really don’t know why we question ourselves, there’s a life changing moment in it (where we were once part of in history) and now it’s harder than ever. We’ve made a life for ourselves now. We are becoming selfless creatures where we think about how everything we do affects others.

I have to think about one person during this relocation. Its tough, but it will work out for the better & if anything, trying doesn’t hurt.

What are some of the things you’ve considered about relocating?

What are some of the things you’ve kept or thrown away?




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