Tip Toes

Vacationing away from the online platforms has encouraged me to think about what to write.

I’ve been in Sydney for 3 weeks and hopped off to Vanuatu over the last 5 days which really did open my eyes to many realisations.

Firstly, Sydney is a well productive city. Sure, I don’t know enough about the country as a whole, but this city is constantly up and about and busy.

On the other hand, Vanuatu was a village orientated island whereby locals greet you even as strange as you look. Beautiful places, great food and incredible history.

The travel behind all of this was overwhelming – lots of walking and unorganised first world visitors. You can forget Uber and taxi apps, you learn to think on the spot and encourage spontaneous activity.

This is awesome to bring home, there’s that “I appreciate this” kind of moment. We take ourselves out of our place in order to encourage more positive thinking by the time we get back to our routine.

I highly recommend tip toeing outside your world and into a new environment of uncertain possibilities that end up creating memories and educational life lessons.

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