Skipped a few chapters

While I sit here, a couple of months far from writing on this platform, there’s a copious amount of things i’ve learnt while I’ve been offline. Let’s just say I skipped a few chapters. 

I’d like to take the time to mention how I completely got covered in work throughout the last bit of this year that really did hit me like a ton of S&*t. I have never stressed this much, why is it stressful? AND CUE EXPLANATION…

I covered my assignments on time, I was actually sitting down to study and focusing on pushing my team members to complete tasks while becoming extremely competitive – this year in an academic nutshell. There was another side of me that didn’t come out until now, a side I needed in high school and the first 6 years of my out of school life; but you know, I’m here and it happened, so let’s get over it shall we.  

When I say, I’ve “skipped a few chapters”, what i really mean is that I have been off this platform for a few months, and I’m sorry about that. I mean really, come on. I haven’t really changed the world so there aren’t any excuses, I mean I could, but let’s be honest. 

There’s been an incredible amount of change in the air, 2017 has (like all years) it’s ups and downs, but I definitely conclude that this is my worst year – haha see you peaking over there 2018, please don’t be a peeping Tom & we will greet you when we need you – she silently says “Hurry Up”.  Christmas music already underway. buggers. 

During such time, I have been patiently waiting for my results as this is the last year of my 7 year degree (basically done the long way round) and I couldn’t have asked for time to move faster and slower at the same time. I don’t know how to express such worry, and why should I?. I’ve been lead to believe to follow a system that will get us through our youth and into a job, but here I sit at age 25, waiting for a degree and sending out CV’s – hoping to leave my footprint and slightly cliche’d complaint about the working world. 

On top of all that, I have bashed myself senseless like the clumsy human I am. I have bruises all over my leg (ones that I can recall at least).  Do my legs deceive me when I walk, or am I just a mere “sim” character in this world that gets motioned to walk into things like it will change anything – still don’t know. 

I haven’t put much thought into my writing lately, so if I’m sounding a bit random, do excuse the lack of creativity – I’ve used up pretty much all of it for the past few weeks so its time to reload. I don’t think I’m cut out for multi-tasking – if that’s what you’re getting out that sentence. 

Hopefully more to report on as I weasel my way out of college life and into the world of no books and more lazy evenings – even having a better reason for them. 




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