Spring has sprung

So Spring is here in sunny South Africa and the legs are ready to be shaved, rooms to be cleaned, chapters starting over and new leaves to turn (no pun intended). 

Why do we leave all these things to a new season? 

I for one am guilty of this. I went throughout winter in long pants and leggings and could not contain my excitement to throw on some shorts to celebrate the end of a cold crisp season. 

I definitely overestimated the change. I dressed accordingly to the 1st of September and by now it should have warmed up. Needless to say, I was wrong. So wrong. 

It is still a measly 9 degrees in the morning and 21 degrees in the afternoon – we are used to 38 degree weather in summer. Cue the cliche floral print; spring is here. 

By this point – there’s one thing to do and that is change my outfit. 

I got dressed all Gung Ho and Spritely,  like the typical response to the new season response; then I stood outside and boy did that feeling disappear. 

Everyone has been throwing on memes and floral wear on social media that it  made you grateful to have the clear blue skies, rain once again and beautiful flowers popping out. It became a community of excitement all around us. 

Still deciding whether I should put longer pants on though: I like my outfit. 

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