Childhood restored

For many years, I have been searching for the best cereal I knew growing up. I wasn’t allowed any sugar as a kid, and for good reason, but when we were,  it was our beloved frootloops.

Consider this, a pastime that people refer back to when the world keeps changing – we have had so many new innovations that just having that little bit of a reminisce can extend our appreciation for things. It reminds us of memories and good feelings we felt along our upbringing, with being able to restore the senses that have been masked as we got older.

We try new foods and new diets, we grow up learning how our bodies work and are now experiencing how they work. We have learnt to make doctors appointments on our own, and yes in the beginning it was almost scary, “what do I say mom, what the hell do i say on the phone?”. If you’re anything like me, I try my friendly voice in comparison to what we hear in person and boom you have an appointment. Aw look at you.

Change for me has becoming difficult, once I like something and that’s it. I am obsessed with it. The minute it is discontinued and changed, I almost go into grieving; it’s like a world I don’t want to worry part of. I am quite dramatic but being enthusiastic when trying products, it kinda makes sense.

Frootloops have been my most challenging experiment because I went through a phase of ignoring the batches that were made horribly wrong at the stores. I didn’t even look at them for 3 years. Insane I know, “try something else”. It also seems importing costs and the exchange rate are the demons behind the lack of old goodies; no wonder.

I eventually came by the cereal again and keep in mind I am very articulate when it comes to packaging. I noticed the different box, and I automatically knew the cereal was back to its old self. So I bought it home and have had the biggest smile on my face this morning.

I don’t know what it is about the old things that we could move on from, but as far as I’m concerned, having that little part of what we had growing up sure makes one realise about how we can adapt to creating new things and feeling new things.

I know, how the hell is a box of cereal going to make me appreciate stuff?. I don’t know, I’m not an expert but what I’ve learnt from myself and how I react to these kind of things, is that I really enjoy the way things were and I’m not looking to update myself anytime soon. Sure, we have to move with the times and I’ve made adjustments along the way, but if you can find something you relate to that meant a great deal to you, grab it and enjoy it; I’ve never felt better.

I have also learnt now that I’m 25 is when you get told you’re too old for something but too young for XYZ, it’s important to shut out that kind of negativity. Seriously, I love colouring books and I won’t stop. There’s nothing wrong staying in a certain time for awhile, even as advanced as we are, I read books – the kind where you turn the page and it won’t die or turn off.

I loved dealing with paper and stationery as a kid, every year you would get your new package of back to school supplies with no iPad on sight. I liked that.

I will even groove out to fleetwood Mac now and then, some call me an old soul.

But that’s besides the point, as we get older we change our lifestyles. Enjoy what you want – there’s no better time like the present.

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