I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.

So, This is definitely a personal one for me. I have grown up all my life with long, thick hair and as a child, my mother was opposed to short hair. Except when I contracted Lice – little buggers. That childhood memory that seems like the biggest thing when it happened, and when you leave school you never hear about it ever again. Weird.

I was always curious as a kid, and wished I was like other kids. I had the weirdest haircuts – the kind you get where the ends flip upwards when you’re done at the hairdresser. I had bangs mostly because my mother simply loves bangs, even to this day. I longed for the bob, and as the last born, all the focus was on me – discipline and all; weirdly enough you would think the last born gets away with everything, but in this case not so much.

So now why did I spend most of my time wondering what it would be like to have short hair? As I grew older, the minute you make a decision, based on what’s going on in your life, could either become a regret or a blessing in disguise. At one point, I’ve experienced both.

I don’t know about you, but my mother used to give me haircuts every now and then with her hairdresser scissors when she felt the need to (Can you say skew bangs?).

Things they don’t tell you.

As I got older, I started going out and dating. Long hair was one of the most popular things when taking pictures and straightening it before you left the house, every girl had long hair. I was part of that little circle, up until I had my longest relationship.

After it ended, I thought to myself, I need a change. I made the decision that most women dread doing but in my mind, all emotions running everywhere and wanting to find myself like I’m some fictional character in a Romance Comedy. Someone should have stopped me at “find myself”.

I dated one guy for 2 months, not so long – I know. After it ended, I went to get my haircut; things turned around from here. I did this after my 2.5 year relationship as well, what the heck?

What I didn’t know.

  1. The minute you chop your long locks off, it looks nice at first but think about every other day of the year when your hairdresser isn’t at your side every day you wake up. Frizzy, bushy, and a few kinks here and there – but why, it was so sleek yesterday? 
  2. People claim it’s easier to maintain – while that may be true, it also includes tedious grooming to make it look like you still have hair. “Ok, part here, brush there, and tada!”
  3. I didn’t know it would take so long to grow my hair back – I thought I was done with the first cut but clearly not. I had cut my hair again 3 times after it grew back. Stop it.
  4. If you have a problem with long hair, it’s safe to say maybe it’s time for a trim or some new layers – i’ve learnt that the hard way, but instead I rebelled and left no room for that kind of thinking.
  5. The wind is even worse with short hair, blowing all over the place and tying it up isn’t exactly the most attractive feature about short locks. There’s me looking like a character from Mulan.
  6. Determine your reasoning for cutting your hair – “Finding myself”was probably not the best one – I eventually FOUND myself starting at my mirror, combing my hair and thinking, “Good gracious, 1 day and it hasn’t moved an inch”. Don’t be that guy.
  7. Do not go to the hairdresser after a breakup. Period.
  8. The only time I felt connected to something on my head is when I donated my hair and realised someone else could feel that connection – cutting hair is more powerful to those who need it. 

While it may seem like a playful move, it really does matter when it’s the right time for that “change”. Let me be a cautionary tale.

Ex- boyfriend’s would bump into me and say: Öh, you’ve cut your hair, really short” In my mind, thats coded for “Oh crap, I’m glad I had you with long hair”. I don’t know how true that was, I am an over thinker and it comes as no surprise that I make up my own dialogues about what people will say about this new do. I’m not crazy I promise.

Thankfully for me, I never once watched videos of girls cutting their own hair off, because if I did, I would end up with no hair – Like I said, blessing in disguise.

It’s a dog eat dog world, hairstyles change everyday and I definitely know that no matter who wears it best, it’s about knowing what YOU want. Enjoy flipping your hair around like you’re the next shampoo AD girl, and enjoy complaining about split ends, because it does end; with scissors and a crazy decision.

Mostly after all that, do the right thing if you do decide to cut your hair short – donate and make it worth while. 





  1. Great post!
    I loved the message behind this post it is something to think about 💯 It’s definitely important to think about It VERY Well, I agree with you, Girl! Because girl hair is easy to cut off, but it takes years to grow it back.

    ThnQ for sharing this personal experience with us.

    Hugs and Kisses,
    Miss B.


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