Infamous Tina

Hi guys, I’m back.

what seems like a long time away from the keyboard, it really was. I am so sorry. so sorry. sorry. sorry?

Ok, down to business after such an emotional intro. Really?

I’ve gotten so down lately after realising how my pants don’t fit me anymore, what seems to have happened is that close to 18 months now I have maybe concluded that another human has influenced this tragedy. the boyfriend. Is it really though?

I have managed to put on 3 Kilos in the last couple months and as little as that sounds, the pants sing a different tune. I don’t understand.

Junk food: “I understand you girl”

me: “Let’s get personal”

In all seriousness though, this little thing we hold in our hand and mush it together to make a talky face is the recurring little devil every year for some of us. We’ve got that little edgy bit coming through and I have to say that I’m not really a fan anymore, it’s never been fun. I’m serious.

That one post I wrote about denim and doing the jiggly dance, well, let’s say we practice what we preach, apparently. I found myself looking in the mirror the one day, and after realising that pants should not feel like they’re quick sand on the body, oh hell no. But it did, and i’m sad.

In all fairness, why does a relationship in any way make a difference.

Why the hell do I eat more now because I like a person, I ate less by myself. WHY??!

  • silent cries in the pillow

I don’t get it. Do you?

Is it really winter that we blame for our little road trip down to tummy town or to put it together case a visit from Tina?

I feel like it could own it’s own theme song to be honest. I feel like I would know the lyrics straight away the minute I hear it. I will have to think of something catchy one time and let you in on all of that. However, there’s always one visitor who comes by, however you came by it.


This photo and I’m not kidding – the pre-photo before my one hour gym session.

I honestly thought of Regina George at this point – ” Sweat Pants are the only things that fit me right now” – HAHAHA well look at that.

I know it doesn’t look that way but I’m not kidding – I felt that 3 kilo creeping in when it had the chance. OH the boyfriend excuse ….. let’s see how many have used that one.

I’ve come to realise that sometimes you have to put down the Krispy Kreme and Starbucks and just move, move forward and hopefully you don’t stop because gym equipment doesn’t have options for that.

“Oh look at that, my feet can walk and I sweat” – says the 3rd time beginner on the treadmill.

please remember, the boyfriend excuse is very much valid in these times and when you find yourself crouched over a big burger and a heavily rich dessert – just remember what speaks back to you eventually – Tina the talking tummy. She’s lovely but ever so rude – arriving at the worst times without notice and takes forever to leave – overstay your welcome much?

She also likes to ensure that she’s comfortable, so when you sit – those rolls aren’t there to embarrass you – rather Tina (The talking tummy) having a lie in while you feed her more and more. She’s growing on you at this point and almost telling you to buy her a bigger house – in this case pants.

She finds winter the most wonderful time of the year – this includes long breaks over the weekends with friends and when your heater decides to fail – YOU HAD ONE JOB.

However she does not like long walks on the beach or a casual yoga class in the mornings – basically what to use to reduce her stay at CASA BODY.

This is the friend you have been dreading – if you can keep her at bay , it’s safe and don’t get to loud about her influences ; drinks and your forever favourite treats that keeps you going.

How the heck we go on from this, I have no clue.



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