Reality’s Graduation 3.0

7 years later and currently pretending I have that degree.

what’s taking so long?

I should have graduated twice already.

If you’re wondering what I mean by reality graduation 3.0 then you’re just as confused as I am, therefore I feel obliged to say “welcome to the club”.

The day we’re born, we already have a life plan.

The minute we walk, we look forward to treadmills & cars.

The minute we speak, there’s online platforms for future opinions and debates, even delayed responses.

We are designed around a routine the minute we have another birthday – school time yet?

This kind of thing has consumed me, I really haven’t sat down and thought about it directly  but it has always been in the back of my mind for as long as i’ve been through school.

What the hell – I’m thinking.

12 years later and all the lifetime experiences and memories collected from this [what seems to be easy] frame of reference which has lead me to today and the environment I find myself in – what do I do with it now? What kind of plan did my birth lead me up to?

I have pushed myself thinking there’s a right time and a wrong time; a right way and a wrong way. I feel like through all my efforts that have lead me here, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I still don’t know and I turn 25-years-old in 2 weeks.

There was me at the ripe age of 16 thinking subject choices was the most of my worries but its safe to say that the 16-year-old had so much to enjoy and so much to take in – wasting away my youth with silly things that seem small now. I sat with books given to me, my schedule given to me, my life planned for me in a sense but slowly being pulled away from the reality of what school is going to mean right after I leave.

I still fathom whether or not if I had put more work into it back in high school, would that have lead me to better work ethic, better friends or better confidence? I can’t answer that now.  I regret not finding that out at the time instead finding myself questioning it now.

Our whole lives is what we make it to be, whether its good or bad. Those obstacles we claim to be ‘obstacles’ and claim them to be ‘challenging’ – are they really? Have we limited ourselves to accepting mediocrity.

Is our full potential last season and is average the new?

I have spent 7 years thinking this was the right way – Get a degree after school and get a job. Boy was that wishful thinking.

I have gone to interviews where I felt it went well; but you know what, I found out what unprofessional looked like very quickly. I felt that what I thought I knew was truly twisted and skewed from reality with some underlying truth.

Life has become such a cold and heartless game of cat and mouse – I believe it doesn’t have to be that way but people have made it so hard to actually do something that is rewarding over long-term than the short fixes – but hey how would I know the struggle.

Random Tip of the day# Here’s the human thing to do – be honest – tell that human being that they didn’t get the job [and tell them why] – we’re scared and we’re vulnerable [ although reality might smack us in the face to inform us that we cannot afford to be – allow room for some improvement in future employees by just being informative , even if you’re as busy as you say you are]. 

I have studied for 7 years and have wondered what is it that I’m doing wrong – in fact quite the opposite, I’m not mediocre.

So when do I graduate from life?

I can wait – I still got to get through it and question my 20’s and 30’s.