A little poem by Me – In the times of people and frustration – The quality of you.

Jenwroteblog ©


The very eyes that watch you grow

Constantly searching; opened or closed

No matter what you say or do

Those eyes are watching over you


Your words, your thoughts; temporarily yours

But once you speak; they’re completely fraud

The next one whose standing; with ears in reach

Is someone to teach you about your own speech


Listening to something that may seem wrong

It’s now become the reflection of some

If you let it come through to you

Don’t give your word and don’t make a move


The whispers, the stories, the ever constant tug

Reminds you of holes that you’ve unknowingly dug

Take it each day and play it by ear

It’s right at this time when it’s perfectly clear


Waiting is time, representing it’s pause

The big hand is stagnant and withdraws its own cause


Out there there’s someone, with the same quality

living in a bubble; whether it’s them, you, or me

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