A/W 2017 Look 2: Denim


The biggest hit since its inception in 1853 during the birth of Levi Strauss. Denim has made it’s way back from the past and ultimately changed it’s future. From that moment you wiggle your way into a pair of jeans or slip on your denim jacket, it’s that element of cool and edgy that works right away.

Denim sure has made an impact on all generations; past and present, and what better way to wear it in more ways than one.

Why have we savoured denim this season?

I’ve seen some interesting outfit choices during Coachella in California this time of year and before you ask; sadly I was not there. Vogue magazine had covered an interesting piece on the denim spin-off from an Argentinian actress at the event.

This specific actress stated that she wanted to dance all day and feel comfortable. I can totally agree on that one but what about the rest of us settlers that dream to travel – our denim dreams can’t be the same surely. This doesn’t explain the uprise in denim though; the fabric finish, cut, seams and everything jeans has redefined what we jiggle into.

So let’s dive in shall we.

Multi-wash and patchwork jeans. Prints & seams. Layers & damage.

This season we’re looking for layered looks on the streets; contrasted front and back panels, alongside the shredded look with asymmetric hemlines that are layered over damaged jeans. Then there’s the open seams and frayed seam with random panels – feels like I can dig through my mother’s closet to find these goodies – flashback from the stonewashed 70’s.

Bellbottoms have risen too, just so you know – a little more cowboy orientated than the hippie intervention but I guess it could go both ways.

  • The style of denim is changing and evermore worn in ways that changed it’s entire look and feel as time went on.
  • Denim is even going as far as eco-friendly – potential sustainability influence for the market & global trends.

Keeping denim around this long has flown through time and illustrated that comebacks are the front headlines of its past, present and future.




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