A/W 17 Look 1: Gaucho

We’ve entered Autumn right now as we speak. It’s the season to introduce winter with a slow and nippy welcome.

Over the past, I was incredibly excited to see the trends coming out. This is one of my most favourite seasons.

A little bit of culture here, eclectic past there and prints everywhere. It really has stayed consistent with the mood but this years style is completely fun; and I did mention there were times of comebacks, well…. they have arrived.

While I update you folks with super cool stuff about the trending fashion – I will break it down for you using an evidence wall that backs up my research and grafting. It might be an excuse to do one because they’re simply the best to get anything done.

Inspirational Prints & styles that are coming in hot and colours that keep the ‘warm’ feel of autumn around a woman’s body.

So Far I’ve identified four key trends this season:

  1. Gaucho – Argentinian culture meets urban
  2. Sportswear Glam
  3. Denim
  4. Travellers Treasure – Eclecticism, prints & folklore stories

Gaucho Darling

This one is pretty cool. The concept is kind of the same in terms of prints when we’re comparing Gaucho to the Traveller’s treasures – bohemian and folklore stories. The cowboy element incorporated into an urban and small celebration of South America really narrows down the style we’re picturing and so far I’m liking it.

The colours are boldly stated, somewhat to give the garment a sprinkle of colour blocking – complementary ironically.

Evidence wall: Jenna Attwell
Featured Image
Evidence Wall: Jenna Attwell


What is really hitting this trend off is of course the long coats. They’re really coming back. Bomber jackets are also huge with prints this season, so if you happen to catch an eye out for these items – be sure to add it to your closet. This season has casual but stylish named for itself and whether cold or hot, be prepared to engage with awesome prints and a inspired background.

The elements of South America and urban collaboration has redefined A/W towards deconstruction in the means of textured cloths and customisation.

The functionality of the clothes provide warm and comfortable traits. The accessories are finishes of the outfit – Hats, glasses, belts, buckles, bracelets and rings.

Embroidery, fringing and buckles are classic details with the cool touch of urbanism.

This trend is commercial for the market considering the inspiration – taking a whole new look at what it means to bring a traditional culture influence into the modern garment.

Even my dear mother knows what’s happening.

Have a trendy day!

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