What’s In The Closet: S/S 16/17

As we reach the end of Summer 16/17 and move forward towards the crisp beauty of autumn and winter, now’s the time to look back on the awesome hot items that kept us going throughout the hot season over the past Spring/Summer.

Summer 2016/2017

The ever so classic leotard. This style can be worn both ways – off the shoulder with a straight neckline and worn on the shoulder with a low neckline. Colours were at the very least – solid colours. Photo courtesy of: Jenna Attwell


This little number is still so popular. The ruffles. This style really is the best of both worlds, worn with straps but kept the shoulder revealed for dramatic effect. I’ve fallen to the simple and plain, but these shirt like designs that incorporated off the shoulder were more prone to thick stripes and patterns as time went on. The shirt ranges from chiffon and silk to cotton and polyester blends that make it casually playful and sexy formal at the same time.         Photo courtesy of: Jenna Attwell
Say no more. The little black dress took a whole new meaning. The dress is always fun, especially during summer, but this dress opens up a woman’s neckline like no other. Off the shoulders is seriously dramatic on this one – you could say playful in short.

It was a fantastic time for a summer trend and oh so perfect fit for the bod. As the trends move, so do people and as I go over what we will miss from the summer – it’s clear that there have been a lot of jumps, exciting changes and some comebacks for the nostalgic.

The Print/Graphics

Prints & graphics were huge here. Wherever you went, there would be an eyeful of patterns headed your way and it was super edgy. Shorts ranging from high waisted to mid waist incorporated the bohemian and paisley print – even more so when stripes decided to come back in more ways than one. Shorts dominated small groups this season, finding the balance between the edgy and stylish. Graphics and print were mostly persued in shirts and dresses, however, shorts and trousers had made the cut (see what I did there). The printed/graphic shorts were the vibe of festivals during this time, which proved to be popular among young adults.    Photo courtesy of: Jenna Attwell
The mid-length striped dress. We finally got to this point. This dress was exeedingly popular during the season. It gave way to the tight fit and made room for some cutting stripes. Mid-length dresses made it’s debut from the pendulum swing. The dress has transformed from the iconic maxi length dress to a down sized mid-length – leaving room towards working on those fabulous calves. Trust me, the stripes work in your favour, I love this dress. It’s body hugging and ever so      flattering for a sunday lunch.                                                   Photo Courtesy of: Jenna Attwell


Up next: A/W 2017 prints and inspiration for this season

Followed by Denim’s cut into A/W 17


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