Time – 10:54 etc. PM

It’s well into the week again after Easter weekend. I am pretty bummed I couldn’t go away, because quite frankly, some of us forget to book anywhere with enough time; so I spent 5 days in the same beautiful place – the couch.  I was so eager to leave, I mean I couldn’t just get up and go to the kitchen for food. and theres  you thinking I meant a holiday – come on.

It’s 10:56 now. Same thing every single time; watch Tv and grab water then head to bed. Where did the time go? I literally just witnessed my boyfriend rip the ear off my stuffed bear he got me for valentines day and there I sit wondering how I have any left. What did I just witness. Kidding. Not kidding about the ear though, that really did happen. It’s almost midnight now, and I think we have acknowledged the times where we were given nap times as kids, now it’s adult naps for a good 8 to 9 hours. Lately I have had trouble sleeping, I have told people time and time again I must not have sugar before bed, but the easter eggs have a silent voice that calls out to me from time to time; out of bad habit you know.

I sit here drinking my sparkling water, not to sound fancy or anything, I just love the texture and feeling. I haven’t had a cold drink in I don’t know how long, so its close enough. The bubbles caress my throat and it feels so cold – straight out of the fridge, such a treat.

I wonder how many people are up at this time, and watching their loved ones sleep next to them. I find it hilarious actually, I’m having a hard time with my keypad on the computer, that now I’m thinking my typing is keeping the man in a stir. “Just keep typing”, I say; laughing in the back of my mind. hehehehehe yeah. This is fabulous. It reminds me of the crocodile from Peter pan that swallowed the clock and captain hook is dreading the ticks – picture me with this evil grin and my typing while the sleepy boyfriend is next to me. Evil – but funny.

I wonder what my guy would do if I wake him. He warned me not to, and in his own words.

“Bub, if you wake me because you’re bored…..” “I will kill you” – My man

I looked at him with loving eyes and dared not to tango with the idea. I love it though, but shame he hasn’t had any sleep so I will be nice this time. I hope any girlfriends out there have some fun too, I do innocently prank him now and then for good shits and giggles.

Type. Type. click here, and click there; when the house is quiet, you’re the most nosiest. I have not yet had a stir from the sound creature lying next to me, in a peaceful state; calm and quiet, so bloody nice.

After what seems like a busy day, trying to do my utter best keeping this blog up to no good; I feel that a good night’s rest is in order, and don’t forget to find a good book when you’re on 5% battery.

  • He snorted – I’m out of here.
  • As I said that, he opened his eyes and I accidentally burped in his face – no ones impressed.

Chat soon.



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