Skin Deep: All The Small Things

J. Attwell 2017. All rights reserved.

Have you ever gone through a phase in your life where your body decides puberty was to short? And obviously there are times when your hormonal friends want to kick things up a bit and attack your face! I’m feeling like we’ve all been there.

I can honestly say after years spent at the dermatologist, there’s a lot more happening than what meets the eye.

Firstly, you happen to have a oily T (Oily forehead, nose and chin) and dry cheeks; AKA skin mapping – which means you generally go for face washes and creams for oily/combination skin.

If you’re anything like me, well then buckle up – sensitivity is a huge one for me and I’ve found it so difficult to care for my skin the right way when there are so many options.

There are methods like exfoliating and chemical peels or facials etc. I personally haven’t done any besides the good old face masks from a local chemist just for a girls evening. It intimidates me as to what works and what doesn’t as I’m so used to having a acne prone face all the time.

The biggest issue is, we tend to hope and pray that our DNA is flawless and go right on ahead pimple-free after puberty. Wrong. So wrong actually.

Firstly, the small things matter.

I’ve learnt my face doesn’t like exfoliation at all.

Sponge 1
J. Attwell. 2017. All rights reserved
Sponge 2
J. Attwell. 2017. All rights reserved

The thing is, if I wanted to have my face feel like a porcupine ran over my face with it’s back I would. All seriousness, it may work for some but it really just leaves my face exposed to redness and scarring. I would use a gentle face cloth and my face wash with tepid water; followed by a moisturiser that’s free from oils and emulsifiers. It really does depend on what your skin is telling you and what your routine is showing.

The next big pimple freer would be the most prominent problem us women sometimes tend to do.

Sleeping in foundation – maybe one of the biggest NO NO’s that we were told about.

The type of foundation used is also pretty crucial – if you happen to have oily skin like me, well it’s safe to say that water-based foundations and powder for the cheeks are ok. If you catch yourself sleeping in foundation, this is what I do before I run to bed after a late one:

Get makeup remover wipes and use those if you can’t bring yourself to wet your face. Something is better than nothing.

Face Wipes

J. Attwell. 2017. All Rights reserved


J. Attwell. 2017. All rights reserved



But of course it goes deeper from the epidermis.

Our little friends “hormones” can also trigger the pimple flare fair. It’s up to you to get them checked if they’re imbalanced and what you can do differently to manage it.

So from one oily face to another, make sure you read your skin and understand whatever is driving your acne to becoming aggressive or exposed – just understand what it’s trying to tell you.


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