Getting The Most Out Of Your Period

When it comes to that “time of the month”, we’re already starting to be the worst version of ourselves. A week before. The time of hormones changing and getting ready to put us in a cycle of deciding which brand of shampoo and tampons we’ll be using this time. The time that has us questioning, “Why am I craving chocolates so bad?”. I hear you.

I literally wish more women would understand their bodies more, seeing as I come from the dreaded diagnosis of PCOS, formally known as ‘Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome’ – The mother of all ovary ruiners. This kind of thing really makes you appreciate your body and what your body is telling you.

This and that mixed with stress – OH SO DELIGHTFUL & DELAYED.

I hear a lot of former friends of mine and acquaintances tell me that they’re sick of their periods. Damn, I wish I could feel that way, I am overjoyed of excitement when mine arrives. But what about this statement makes it so weird? Yeah we are all tired of spending so much money on feminine products just to get us through this month and having to worry every 5 minutes about how our pants look from behind when we’ve been sitting too long. I know it’s not only me.

Devices like the Mirena and copper IUD have transformed contraception to a new level. They’re super popular because as a matter of fact, they’re super cheap over long-term periods versus the pill. It’s great because you really don’t have to remember anything really, it’s just there. The Mirena device is the same as the copper IUD – the only difference is that the Mirena releases hormones into the body and cuts periods down to size significantly, whereas the copper IUD acts only as a contraceptive without missing periods – in fact proving periods to be heavier in the first year; may the odds be ever in your favour.

However, for those who opted for Mirena, have a wonderful period-free life. On the other hand, people like me who’ve had it removed, are on the copper IUD. I only wondered soon after why the hell did I want to stop my periods, that was the only reason really when I first went with the Mirena. I feel like our ovaries were born to be leaders and of course the helping hand of the uterus – none other than our arch nemesis during the cycle. I feel like our uterus and ovaries are underestimated and taken for granted.

I appreciate my periods more because when I didn’t get them (uncontrolled) – I became so distant from myself and my body wasn’t happy. I think it’s safe to say that I learnt a very valuable lesson from the moment I left school about how much my body would change dramatically – including the facial hair and acne that would never let me forget puberty even to this day. Thank you androgen and testosterone.

Example: This past month – February to March- I had no sign of my period coming and I was entering more then 50 days of the longest cycle you can imagine. Now I’m use to this from past experiences – Ovarian cysts. I decided that I would try eat better and relax more; 2 weeks went by and to my dismay, nothing. 

I ended up being so worried that I went to get an ultrasound for cysts and as they put it, I have “Beautiful ovaries”. I didn’t know whether to jump off the table and start dancing or the fact that I had gone through this sticky jelly and wondered how I was going to put my pants back on. After all that, It seemed that stress – lack of progesterone was my downfall.

So even if you opt for no periods and your body can handle it, then great – do it. It’s one of those “to each their own”scenarios, but I think when our body wants to do what it’s suppose to do, it gives a lot more signs about its health than we think we know and getting the most out of a period is based on everything about itself that we have full control of.

All I know is:

  • Exercise often
  • Drink water
  • Eat in moderation
  • Laugh more
  • Be yourself
  • Leave toxic people behind


Yours truly,

The woman with happy ovaries.

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