Haute Bag Project 2016

South African fashion students get together for project management activities to organise and host the event of all events to raise money for a children’s’ foundation, thats right, The Haute Bag festival.

At one point, The Haute Bag Project was mentioned in the Marie Claire magazine 2015, reported by Lara Graff. Heres what she had to say based on the 2015 Haute Bag festival:

“There will be live entertainment such as live music, beat-boxing and contemporary and ballroom dancing as well as activities such as self-defence classes and a ‘Walk Against Rape (WAR)’. The highlight of the event will be the construction of a three-dimensional giant handbag. This giant handbag will be a piece of art, created by hundreds of handbags forming one giant handbag, thereby encouraging the spirit of ubuntu, the very essence of all South African communities” (Graff, 2015)

All proceeds raised will be donated to benefit the participating organisations.

Some of the causes include:

  • Rape bags for rape victims

  • Seed bags for the empowerment and growing of vegetables

  • Animal adoption bags for Beagle SA and the adoption of all dogs

  • Kids’ bags for orphaned children

  • Matric dance bags for matric students in need of an entire outfit

This festival happens every year and at the end of the year, students must have their heads on straight and screws tightened.

We used every tool we could, marketing tools for advertising and campaigning, social media tools using Facebook, twitter and Instagram – all these online platforms helped us reach our market and kept us interacting with potential students too.

This festival, in my eyes, was the most rewarding event we could pull off. It was a ton of work, communicating with a lot of people (not so easy) and organising sponsors around the clock during a academic year. 2016 was promising to be challenging, but nonetheless, achievable in the end.

This festival consisted of bands, food stalls, clothing stalls and a lot more. Students had managed to pull together a budget for each team and manage that budget accordingly.

This festival represented a charitable cause in order to make a difference, and thats what we did.

My group covered decorations, with that being said, it was maybe the most frustrating but the most fun task to do. If you have the chance or opportunity to do something for someone else, it really does make you feel grateful and even inspired to talk about things that really matter.

Hopefully, wherever you are around the world, that dealing with a team is as complex and character revealing as they say. I know i learnt a lot from it, but the end goal was to ensure the event was a go and that money was raised for our children foundation.

Sourced article: Graff, L. 2015. Marie Claire: Join in on the haute Bag Project Event (Online) Available from: Haute Bag Project 2016 [Accessed: 27 March 2017]


Photographer: J. Attwell LISOF student

2016. J. Attwell. All rights reserved ©


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