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This experience of blogging should really put my mind to what it’s good at. Its creative.

It’s important to note all the things we don’t say and what we want to say. I prefer to say things with humour, it’s just in my nature. I love to laugh and hopefully make you laugh too. In all seriousness, my posts will be lighthearted and unique.

I am going to take this blog and section it into parts that might get me to do more writing and you more reading, and visa versa. I would like to highlight the existing good stories and create my own. I want to take out as much as i can to blog the things that we may skip over and just scan through for small detail; create something to get people to communicate, share and get involved in positive and realistic truths or stories that might actually make a difference. I was thinking what i could write about that hasn’t been written already but i prefer to get readers involved.

This is something i have put off for so long.

Enjoy the messages šŸ™‚

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